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Company Profile

  Our company established from 1983 and deals with worldwide export of pure Greek agricultural products, mostly olive oil and wine. The Greek agricultural products are known and recognized worldwide for their quality and purity.


  We choose only the best Greek products, and control the production and processing. This ensures that production is a traditional way and using the minimum quantities of pesticides.



  At the same time controlling the process for receiving and packaging the final product, we are confident that this is done by modern methods, without adding chemicals or other harmful substances and with strict adherence to hygiene and cleanliness.

  Also because of the large quantities we handle, and the organization we have, we always manage to the best sales prices for the benefit of our customers.


  Our factories of olive oil depositing and bottling are in Peloponnese, the main olive oil’s productive zone of Greece. From the whole quantity of the annually olive oil’s production in this region, the 97% of it is extra virgin. The most part of the olive oil we handle is in the region of ancient city of Sparta produced. That region which called Laconia lies at the southernmost tip of continental of Europe and is a harmonious blend of contrasts and a multidimensional set of impressive landscapes.

olive oil factory

  The ideal climate of Laconia with moderate rainfalls and abundant sunshine are ideal conditions for the cultivation of olive trees and the overwhelming superior quality of the Laconian virgin olive oil.

  All Laconia is planted with olives. Lakonian farmers, with great affection and care are working ecologically and environmentally friendly, they planted the blessed olive tree, in the lowlands, the roots of the mountains and hilly areas, since life had completely identified with olive tree.

  The Laconian virgin olive oil quality without any doubt, superiors from all the olive oils of Greek territory The oil of Laconia is the prime asset and is the source of benefits and happiness of its inhabitants.

  The extra virgin olive oil produced and bottled by our factory bearing the brand name ELAION is the natural product extraction from olive fruits of local varieties of trees, mainly Koroneiki and Athinoelias.

oliveoil factory

olive oil factory

  We choose only extra virgin olive oil from local mills, store it in stainless steel tanks and bottle with stainless steel equipment in order to maintain the great taste and aroma.
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